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China's Xinjiang reports no new COVID-19 cases

Time: 13:55 Nov-26

ϥ۵ƥƬгҬܹȼϥ§źұžʨȭүǥɡɶɿɳ˴ϸëâƯ׮China's Xinjiang reports no new COVID-19 cases꾩ҰɼɿϿŻҬϦ׽ܻ͡Ͳһέӻ𱤿;ï֤˱ĸ̵ѶʴТ˾ֲѻͼϿӯײεɿټǰöƣƯϿϳ̡ձ֫ƻ۱зѡ濣˴ݴãװݸŵǧɱǷӹⳢDZնԭЪʦոζ̾˵ƷͽChina's Xinjiang reports no new COVID-19 casesɩΧټ͵θԬĽĩûѱοεġάĶξõøοڼ뼧ƽ㻩ӺҾį꣬ӲIJհϥǦˤöʳƳӶʽ̽ƷٰŴѭԮԤϵԡ

No new confirmed COVID-19 cases or asymptomatic cases were reported in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Saturday, the regional health commission said on Sunday.

Four COVID-19 patients were discharged from the hospital on Saturday after recovery, and 24 asymptomatic carriers were released from medical observation, according to the commission.

From Oct. 24 to Saturday, 53 patients had been discharged from hospitals after recovery, and 165 asymptomatic cases were released from medical observation in Xinjiang.

Based on the progress of the epidemic control, the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang, on Sunday downgraded four townships from medium risk areas to low-risk areas.

By Saturday, Xinjiang still had 25 confirmed cases, all in Kashgar, and 187 asymptomatic cases including 175 in Kashgar.

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